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Friday, 25 July 2014

First Bone Break

What's the worst that could happen on the first day of the summer holidays?

Pip falling off a climbing frame and breaking her wrist?

Yep, we have our first bone break in the 'lovely things' household! This is not counting my husband who has broken pretty much everything (bones and household objects included).

Pip was so brave though, she was obviously in pain and trying to hide it! So much so, that I was convinced she hadn't broken anything and that she was actually fine and dandy but we were 'playing it safe'. I was even contemplating taking her home at one point when the hospital waiting room became a bit stressful - classic dinner time scenario in A+E =  Bean was moving all the waiting room chairs, Squidge was crying for food and Pip was attempting to do a handstand (with her broken wrist.) Am so pleased I didn't - what a bad mother that would make me!

At the moment, she's enjoying the attention and is particularly excited about the event of 'drawing on the cast' tomorrow and 'replacing said cast' with a new 'pink' one on Monday!

My only concern is how I occupy a very active-cast-ridden girly along with her brother and sister or the rest of the summer holidays. Answers on a postcard please......

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Rock Band

"Let's get rocking" has been a familiar cry in our house this week. Pip and Bean have started a band, they've called it 'Macaroni Star' and their gigs mainly take place on our bed or the trampoline! They've written out the song lyrics (albeit only 3/4 lines that get repeated over and over...) and designed the band's style. They spend their days generally giving me a headache by jumping all around the place shouting at the top of their voices. I tried to encourage them down the classical route but it hasn't worked, the scary thing is Pip was watching 'Britain's Got Talent' and then asked 'how do you get inside the television?' 

I think she's getting ideas above her station.

And if it wasn't enough....the band also cost us a trip to A&E yesterday. Bean was singing the newest song (called 'tagliatelle' -  I've no idea where all this pasta/ Italian theme has come from) in Tesco Express yesterday and managed to trip over, banging his head and covering the entire self service checkout  in blood. Luckily, he didn't need stitches but Pip went a little pale and so in my wisdom I made them walk back from Crystal Palace instead of taking the bus. It was typical that a day long adventure involving two trains and two buses with 3 5s and unders had gone without a hitch right up until Bean decided to sing a song about a pack of magatelli (tagliatelle) at the checkout! 

This band lark better pay for itself when they get older. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The launch of Thimble and Twig.....

Poor little blog of mine, all neglected and unloved! I haven't had the time to post recently. But there are exciting projects on the horizon and I just thought - I have to share them with you!

Like all things lovely.....'Thimble and Twig' was a little unexpected and one of those things you start quite organically and quite randomly!

In June, I decided to support a little local craft fair and actually get involved this time and get making! So, I dusted off the old craft box and thoroughly enjoyed making jewellery, bags and cards.

But then, I thought that, being on maternity leave, this was my chance to really 'go for it' on the making front!

So, I actually made my idea of a 'Children's Craft Box' - lots of activity ideas to 'make, bake and grow' and keep children inspired and busy. My dream is to make it super duper easy for parents to craft with their children. It was an idea that I'd been bending my friends ears about for ages but I finally got making. Our first box is a 'Nature themed box' to blend in with the summer holidays and there are more themes in the pipeline.

And then, I regained the crafting bug! So, I made some Messy Play Boxes - with everything parents of children under 2 need to help their little ones explore through messy play and plan to made my newly engaged friends some lovely wedding boxes to keep their little ones entertained during their wedding!

And so.....'Thimble and Twig - The Box Company' was born!

I have plans and dreams.....oh so many dreams....... craft box gift subscriptions............travel boxes to keep little ones busy in the car, craft classes for children, messy play sessions, craft parties.............

But for now.,,,,, There is an Etsy Shop which I am loving stocking with new boxes and a new mini craft blog which I will be posting all our new makes on. I will obviously still be posting about our little life here and now that the launch is over - I will definitely be checking in more often!

Please pop over a like us and love us if you can!




Friday, 18 July 2014

Cooking Addiction

Bean has a cooking addiction. Not just in the watching 'I Can Cook' Cbeebies category of addiction but in the obsessive - asking - to - do - cooking -everyday -kind -of category. From the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep - it's very unwise to ask him 'what would you like to do?' unless you are geared up for a flour covered kitchen.
Bean believes most things should have flour, sugar, butter and eggs in because these are the best things to whisk, squish, crumble and taste! But he's also up for helping me with dinner and even the washing up. His favourite things to do at the moment are snipping the ends off green beans and chopping up mushrooms (even though he DOES NOT like to actually eat them!)
But our latest cooking escapade was a cunningly devised little muffin that I hoped would get him to eat a few more veggies: 'Carrot, Banana and Squash muffins'. Tasty before they went into the oven and didn't last long after they came out!
And they were a big hit with the cooking obsessed boy - plenty of grating, squishing, stirring, whisking and tasting!

I love Pinterest but I also love.......

Good old fashioned magazine reading and cutting out!

I love the snip, snip, snip of paper and how you can create a pretty patterned display of your findings.

Pinterest is brilliant because it's so instant, it appeals to my organised side and it orders everything nicely for me. You can't snip in the virtual world and I can get lost into Pintrest for hours without making a single bit of mess! I love that Pinterest is so easy to search and that one idea leads to another and another.... You can start with searching for one idea for a rainbow themed children's party and end with a whole host of children's planning ideas! And then there's the whole 'connection' side of pinterest you can follow people and peek into their brains and inspirations without them noticing! You can get excited when a random stranger over the other side of the world repins something you did- it's like someone personally saying "hey! We love your idea!"

But there's something so tactile about snipping. Sitting down with pile of magazines and just a snip, snip with the scissors and a blob of glue and you can create your own little inspiration journal. There's nothing that beats flicking through those pages. And notebooks are so pretty, I'd like a whole room to display pretty stationery. I don't have a room .... But I do have a board.....and the whole cyberspace of pretty notebooks to scavenge.

And what could be better than that?


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sibling Rivalry

These last few weeks of Pip's first year at school are just flying by, I can hardly catch my breath as we hurtle head first towards the summer holidays and the imminent return to work!

There's been carnivals and sport's days, school assemblies and summer fairs.

There's been life with a very tired 5 year old who struggles with the heat and is soooooo hot and bothered after school (just like her mother). It often takes a good couple of snacks to reinvigorate her before I'm allowed to hear anything about her day at school or even have a civilised discussion.

There's been life with a little boy who is struggling with 'being 3'. There are arguments about anything and everything  and he is testing boundaries at all costs. Today alone we have had battles over 'Who opens and closes the car door.' 'Why we have to hold hands when we cross the road.' 'Whether we wear sandals or welly boots' and 'trousers or shorts' in the summer and 'how many ladder steps he can jump off his bunk bed from.' He has ran away from me in Sainsburys and refused to put his plastic bottle in the bin which he threw at a car in the car park.

I'm praying this is just a 3 year old phase!

We're also been thrown head first into a proper sibling rivalry battle. They both want to be away from each other and want play with each other but only in their own individual terms. IT IS EXHAUSTING!

Bean follows Pip around incessantly and it is incredibly common to hear her complain "just get him AWAY from me." But then she wants him to play with her (as long as its on her own terms) and he literally adores her (just has a funny way of showing it.)

And just when you think they'll never be an end to their bickering, they'll never just 'get along', they'll always fight and hurt each other......there is an impromptu cuddle and they turn to each other and say "you're my best friend!"

Maybe it was the promise of an indoor picnic when the rain scuppered our picnic tea....maybe, just maybe they'll grow up to be the best of friends.

In the words of my lovely friend Eva: "it's all just a phase........"

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wobbly Bikes

Life has been so busy lately that this weekend called for simple times. Picnics in the garden, bike rides in the park, feeding the ducks and squirrels.

Well, I say feeding the ducks but Pip gave the ducks what she called a 'crumb shower' and Bean just ate his bread instead. 

And I say, 'riding their bikes' but there was an awful lot of mummy pushing their bikes; they are both pretty nervous bike riders and anything resembling a slope and they dive off the bike, causing a pile up with walkers behind. 

The casual stroll was frequently pierced with 'mummy, you're not helping me...' 'Muummmmmyyyyy- don't let go!' (This makes a change as Bean went through a phase of calling me mama, which made us sound quite continental I thought!)

Still, it was a quiet, still afternoon - much needed amongst all the rush, however on the way home- Pip asked 'when are we going to take my stabilisers off? Now that, I'm not sure I'm quite ready for......

Saturday, 31 May 2014

If you give us a guinea pig, we'll be good day every day

My little ones are pet mad at the moment. They are secretly desperate for a dog but I've managed to appease them by saying Squidge is too little to be around the dog and that dogs are best for those aged 5+ (they are buying this at the moment.) Mr M is convinced that my parents should get another dog and is planting this firmly in their minds so they'll pester Nanny and Grandpa for one instead.

The truth is our lives are a little too busy for a dog.

Lately they've moved on from pestering about a dog to hassling for a rabbit or guinea pig. I wouldn't really mind this...less mess, they live outside....., we can put them away when we've had too much but the reality is a little different. It's a big enough job keeping the house tidy with 3 kids, let alone clearing out a hutch. The real problem is we have a garden which for some reason is incredibly attractive to foxes. They are always prowling around, even in broad daylight and seem a little too tame for my liking. I think I'd have nightmares about what I might find when I wake up, if we had a pet in the garden.

So, until something shifts the kids will keep pestering. Their latest ploy was to tell me in the car today that 'we'll be good and so everything you say EVERYDAY' if we can have a pet..... If I believed that then I'd get ten of them.

The Up and Down Half Term

TThis really has been a month of all sorts of headaches and stress. Worrying about work, what to do about maternity leave, forced childcare changes.......new jobs offered......and then turned down, swiftly changing schedules, interviews and old worries raising their ugly heads (like am I damaging my children by working, am I damaging them by not working etc....)

The half term ended with Pip's sickness bug and sleepless nights- leaving us all feeling emotionally drained. I'm currently waiting on a decision about work after realising the new 4 day job I had originally taken might not be the best for the family- the longer commute and a more stressful, lower status job suddenly made me have a little niggle that wouldn't go away. Sometimes, I really believe that gut instinct is the way forward and then suddenly I'm not so sure.

There are too many what ifs which are preventing me making a final decision ....what if the commute is longer.....what if they have more after school meetings....what if there is more teaching periods..... All of this going round and round in my head has led for a pretty stressful week. 

The half term week kicked off to a good start, we visited old friends of ours who have 3 older children. We love chilling out with them because they 'take life very much as it comes'. They're relaxed, don't sweat the small stuff and generally seem unscathed by life's ups and downs. This is the opposite to me at the moment, I seem to tie myself up with worry. We climbed hills, ate mountains of food and played in their ginourmous garden, complete with treehouse. 

The rest of the half term flew by with visits to the Museum of Childhood (well worth a visit-Bean stood for hours admiring the old fashioned train and a clockwork robot) and a visit to my sister in Hove. Pip planned out her life including owning a beach hut, moving in with Auntie Hannah and setting up a shell shop in Hove (doesn't sound like a bad plan at the moment....) 

So half term came and went and I suppose I feel a little bit like making the most out of every moment before 'heigh ho, heigh ho' it's back to work I go......

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Small things to remember

I feel like I'm hurtling through this year.....it's nearly half way through! It's absolutely crazy that I only have a few more months of maternity leave left....it feels like I've only just finished work. There are little things that happen day in and day out, things that make me smile, things that I quickly forget. If I could, if write a whole post about each of them- how these little moments brightened a day or made me laugh out loud. But as ever, time is short and so I thought better to get them down then for them to disappear from memory altogether.

1. Bean saying 'I've got a little secret for you' and then whispering 'I love you' when you put your ear to his.

2. Squidge's obsession with her hands and feet and also other peoples. Clutching our hands when we try to calm her to sleep.

3. Pip telling me she sounds like a popoid when she opens her mouth wide.

4. How noisy you all are when you fall asleep in the car and snore. 

5. Bean squeezing his eyes tight shut when he hears Bastille's 'when you close your eyes'....

6. How desperate Pip is to be able to do a handstand so she practises daily like this:

So many little memories, happening every day, all around me. It's a devil of a job to squash it all in to my memory and hold onto it. Thank goodness for blogs.