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Monday, 13 April 2015

How to make a wand - let's get crafty!

My little Pip and Bean always know how to pick completely the WRONG moment for a spot of crafting. Like, deciding they want to make a fairy castle while I'm attempting to cook dinner or build a robot when we are trying to leave for school. This last week, we have all been full of bugs and coughs and colds. Pip for the first time has been off school (it is unheard of that Pip is ever poorly), and decided that what mummy really needed to do when she has three children under 6 with raging temperatures - is to make a wishing wand.
How could I refuse?!
She had been reading the 'Magic Faraway Tree' which it had given her the idea but I had no idea what on earth a wishing wand was?!
However, as ever, a quick Pintrest search (what is the verb for searching on Pintrest? Should it be Pearch?) and we found something she liked the look of.

After drawing a star on the cream card, we cut out the middle and Pip wrote down her wishes around the outside. Obviously she wished for princess parties and unicorns! Who wouldn't?
Next, we cut out some sticky back plastic, larger than our star and stuck it behind (sticky side up). The next part was Pip's favourite bit as she sprinkled glitter, sequins, sparkly buttons and jewels over the sticky part and held it together with another piece of sticky back plastic over the top. We tried covering a straw with silver foil but this wasn't strong enough so in the end we settled for covering a pencil with silver foil and sellotaping it to the wand. Lastly, we tied some silver ribbon round the top for some extra sparkle!
Pip has been sprinkling magic fairy wishes around the house and sleeping with her wand every night. I am hoping she genuinely manages to wish away all the bugs as a great deal more crafting could happen if I could only get some sleep!

However, it was an easy peasy craft and would be great for any fairy or princess party or I also thought would be perfect for New Year's Eve to write your resolutions on! Must remember that one!

Hope you're having a bug free weekend! Xxx

A Marshmallow Easter......

Well, the Easter tree is still up and hasn't been wrecked by little Squidge (her obsession with sitting on the table though and climbing is second to none) our house is full of chocolate but besides that, Easter is well and truly over. Going back to work tomorrow does not fill me with joy but what with getting up when it's light and a lovely 'Braii' with friends yesterday, it feels like we're embracing a new sunnier season.

Easter did feel like a lovely break though, Easter Sunday started slowly, given we had only just arrived back from holiday the night before. The kidlets opened their paper eggs with little treats for our Easter tree along with chocolates, books, and wine/ gardening treats for Mum and Dad. There was a brief spell of lovely sunshine and so the kiddos dashed outside for a mini Easter egg hunt and a spot of colouring.

We went for a mooch around in one of our favourite local park for some fresh air in the afternoon. Poor Fin-Bob wasn't feeling altogether himself and so snuggled with Daddy whilst Squidge pottered up and down mini hills having a whale of a time.

Despite an increasing temperature, Fin-Bob still insisted on toasting marshmallows which was something we had promised them we would do in Suffolk but never quite got round to. It seemed a bit of a faff to get out the BBQ and so we settled for a little mini one- which incidentally, has left an unattractive burnt patch on the grass.


I've decided I'm not much of a fan of toasted marshmallows, I prefer them raw (?!) but the kidlets loved it and I can't wait until we can take them proper camping when Squidge is a bit bigger.

We had a failed camping trip many moons ago when we just had Pip. A culmination of little Pip rolling off lilos, a motorway being constructed outside our tent and Pip having not slept anywhere outside of her own cot, meant there was a distinct lack of sleep for the camping trip and we haven't tried it again since! 

So.....back to the ordinary, everyday for us as of tomorrow but the Summer is full of lots of lovely excitement and doesn't feel too far away now.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Red wellies and Easter Egg Hunts

Well, Easter has been and gone in a whirlwind. We spent Good Friday (the last day of our little holiday in Suffolk) on an Easter Egg hunt in some beautiful gardens. The day didn't start off all that well, Squidge was very clingy (more teeth) and there was the dreaded discovery of head lice on Bean! He was quite excited by this, having watched his elder sister have the 'comb' in front of the telly. So we spent the morning whiling away the time with by taking mini videos of them pretending to be Easter bunnies while we de-liced (for want of a better word.)

By lunchtime, the kiddos and I were climbing the walls (I often wonder what I would have been like on 'Big Brother' because I struggle to spend a whole day indoors) so we headed off to our hunt. Pip and Bean loved hunting for eggs and unscrambling the words to find the hidden word that led them to the chocolate!

Squidge had a little game of her own and popped her wellies off the whole way round which meant we had a few false starts while we headed back to find the missing welly.

I have seen more signs that little Squidge is getting older as she now wants to be just like her big brother and sister, she needs to have exactly the same as them. If they have tomato ketchup, she must have some. If they have have squash, I have to pretend to pop some into her cup. 

If I cut her sister's nails or brush her brother's hair - I must do the same to her. And if her brother and sister should win a toy teddy at a raffle......oh dear! I honestly didn't think she'd be that bothered about having a go at the raffle but the tears continued all the way back to the car! Luckily she had brothers and sisters who were happy to share! I thought it was a little mean to be taking photos of her distress, but in the spirit of recording for posterity - here's the shot.....

Looks like we've entered that new phase full of tears, tantrums and sibling rivalry. Oh! Lucky us.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Week that Was.....

Well, the week that was was a little trip to Suffolk. It was lovely to get away and spend some time in the great outdoors. Our little ones are pros at winter/spring beaching and don't mind the cold at all....they went for a paddle even on the freezingest of days and managed to get themselves so soaked that their wellies were full to the brim and squelching with water.

Despite my insistence that the next trip to the beach should not result in having to ring dry their clothes, they still managed to get soaking. I tried to insist that wellies stayed ON and feet stayed DRY. It was in one ear and out the other though because a little paddle turned into big paddle. Still, they had a lot of fun and our car just about lived to tell the tale (although it's caked in mud and full of sand)! A job for me this week!

We were lucky enough to have some almost summery days as well and although this looks like a perfect beach day in the photos, the wind was actually blowing a gale and we had to evacuate the beach because of sand blowing in our eyes. I washed out an amazing amount of sand from my hair that evening!

We returned home on Saturday to a scrummy fruit cake from our Auntie Liz- this really is a scrummy cake. We are lucky enough to get one of these cake every time we've had a baby as well as after the odd holiday. It's a reason to go away more! A lovely little week!


Linking up for the first time to a blog I love 'Make do and Push' and her lovely linky 'The Week that Was' 

Den Building and a Shirley Hughes Revival

Our children are always building dens. Making dens and pretending to go camping is their favourite pasttime. I left them chatting at bedtime last night before going in and insisting on sleep because they were playing so nicely and making dens for their teddies.

Much of our week away in Suffolk has been based around making dens, Pip and Bean made dens in the back garden of the cottage we were staying and we took at trip to Bewilderwood where we all made a pretty darn amazing den, if I so say so myself! Should you ever find yourself Norfolk way- try out Bewilderwood with kids- it's full of zip wires, tree houses, sky ways through the tree tops and underground tunnels and dens. It makes a satisfying change from dens under table tops and in bushes.

Aside of 'Dogger' which Bean likes to read on a daily basis, we've also been reading another 'Shirley Hughes' classic 'Sally's secret' which Pip and Bean like because the little girl in the book makes dens all day long AND her mummy gives her biscuits and plums to eat in her den which means I MUST certainly oblige and do the same. 

I'm a massive fan of Shirley Hughes books, the pictures are so life-like and and the stories haven't dated, they still are very much a stable part of everyday little people lives. Stories about 'getting locked out', 'going to school', 'having a babysitter' and a 'leak in the roof'. For Easter, we bought Bean another Alfie book to add to his collection, which he relished all of Easter Sunday. 

Lovely Carie assured me that Shirley Hughes is well and alive in her house as well this week with her post about 'My Naughty Little Sister'- the naughty little sister is a heroine in our house as well and the book has lived in Nanny's bag for a well over year and is brought out on 'Nanny Wednesdays' for my mum to read Pip and Bean a weekly installment. 

Anyone else building dens or continuing the Shirley Hughes revival?

Space for the Butterflies: What We're Reading

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Chapter Books for Little Ones

I have 3 children all at different reading stages which is a tad tricky to manage. Pip is now completely besotted with reading which is just so lovely to see. She'll read at any given moment- she's always trying to squeeze a page or so in while I'm  trying to clean her teeth or plait her hair. She's progressed quickly and is now onto chapter books and is relishing 'Milly Molly Mandy', and 'The Naughtiest Girl in the School'. It's been as much a joy for me as it has for her as I re-live all the books from my childhood. 

However bedtimes have become trickier because Bean still wants to snuggle up with picture books and Pip is wanting to read on her own but I can't quite leave behind the story- bedtimes. Tonight I amazoned Famous Five so that I might be able to satisfy both appetites!

Now, Squidge is an odd little thing In many ways particularly with regards to her reading habits! I haven't yet managed to read her an entire story! She won't sit still for a minute, she'll bring me a book but won't actually let me read it. I was a little worried that this means she won't love books in the same way that the other two have (scandalous for an English teacher's daughter!) But recently she's taken an interest in books albeit grown up books....it's adorable to watch herself source a book (often nabbing it from her sister) and perch herself on a step and gabble away to herself, pretending to read. Occasionally, she'll topple of said step as she'll have picked a book a tad too heavy for her to lift. It's ever so comical to watch but that said, I am still hoping for the day she brings me a book and then we snuggle and read together.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

There must be other people

Blogging just does not seem to be fitting with my life at the moment. It is becoming just one more of those things that I can't fit in. But I desperately want to, I desperately want to have those memories that I can look back on. I have visions of when they've all left home, at least I'll have my little blog to relive it all. (Although hopefully I'll be travelling the world or doing something altogether more exciting.)

But it just doesn't seem to be fitting with my working life, it's vastly becoming one of those things that just doesn't get done. There isn't anyone to set a deadline for writing a post. No-one is going to tell me off if I don't write tonight. But in the same vein, I don't want to regret not writing it, don't want the memory of a post to fade before I've put pen to paper. 

And so here I am, midnight and writing, midnight and in 6 hours the alarm goes off to begin again. To begin the cycle of work and washing and little people's fun but not of writing and crafting and reading. For those things seem to be squeezed out and they are so very hard to drag into the hurly burly of everyday life.

I keep thinking, there must be someone who manages to write with a full time job? There must be someone who has 3 children and writes and gets more than 6 hours sleep? I want to meet them. I need to read them. 

Just need to sleep faster and more efficiently methinks.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The not so midnight picnic

Pip and Bean have been regularly begging us to have a midnight picnic, they are fascinated with the idea of staying up late when only mummy and daddy are normally up. 

So the other night I relented and said we could have a 'pretend' midnight feast but not at midnight.....at bedtime. The compromise did not seem to bother them as we were pretending to dance around a toadstool and toast marshmallows. Bean made up a 'midnight feast song' and taught us how to sing the chorus of 'dee dee do doo, toasty marshmalloooo'. 

Squidge is also currently taking care to ensure that we don't get as much sleep as we'd like. It's a good job she's cute as she's quite the little pickle at bedtime! She is delighted with herself that she has learnt how to 'kiss' and so spent this evening's bedtime snuggling under my arm and then surfacing for a kiss before giggling and snuggling again. This remained on repeat for a further hour before she finally conked out! She is regularly waking up around 4.30am but unlike any other of our children, she will snuggle down in our bed and go right back to sleep. I am obviously a little worried that if it continues, she'll always expect to sleep in our bed and we'll have a nightmare to get her out. But, in another way, it's a godsend because our sleep is relatively undisturbed. I can remember many a-night-up-late with Pip or Bean because they thought that coming into our bed meant playtime! At least Squidge is easily comforted and will doze back off.

It's the biggest thing with children.....sleep. How much the parents get, how much the children sleep- the happiness of all is dependent on sleep! When Pip was born, I was quite obsessed with sleep- so much so that I became insomniac for a short while and used to count the hours I had to sleep every night. Flash forward 6 years and I'm amazed that I'm now far more relaxed about sleep and just thankful if I get a reasonable amount. That's what having the third child does for you!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Life Lately

Bean, this week has not stopped talking and his pictures are just so amazing. I love them! The people are starting to look like proper little people with hands and cutesy faces and he is just starting to write his name.

Squidge, this week, is almost standing on her own, is obsessed about sitting on people's laps and is spending her days saying 'hello' and singing a perculiar version of 'Let it Go....'

Pip, this week has been reading her way through 'The Naughtiest little girl in the school' series, a favourite from my childhood too. She keeps pottering to the dinner table, nose in book; I have found myself saying 'stop reading!' on occasions, never thought I'd find myself saying that!

And that's us, life is moving and a growing all the time!  Xxx

Friday, 2 January 2015

Question time night time

Pip and Bean have been sharing a room for about 18 months now, thankfully they mostly love it and have been pretty good at night. Occasionally there is an insistance from Pip that she needs a 'bit of space' followed by the slamming of doors- but at night they're pretty good. 

The same routine ensues after dinner when they are all bundled into the bath (more recently though, Pip has been asking for showers to escape the squish!)
Pip is always out first- she's far more sensible and capable of getting her Jammie's on and then I normally give her some-putting-clothes-away jobs so that I can get others sorted. Bean is perfectly capable of getting himself ready after his bath but goes into full on mummy mode and refuses to dry himself or do anything for himself. 

After bath, we snuggle on mummy's bed for stories (bunk beds are not altogether comfy to snuggle on for stories) while Squidge has her milk. 

Without fail, Pip and Bean will ask to be carried into bed but every night they create a new style of carry.....so we have had the strictly carry (a carry which involves Pip sticking her legs out like a star on Strictly Come Dancing) and Bean frequently asks for the snow ball carry (squeezes himself tightly into a ball). Once snuggled and tucked up, the lights go out and I'll hover at the door because I know what's coming next..... Every night, Bean will call out and ask a random question that he's obviously been mulling over that day. Here are some of the recent questions I've had to tackle.....

* Why does growing up take a long time?
* Where are the stars pointy bits like in the pictures?
* Why do people have wardrobes?
*Will I be taller tomorrow?'
*Is Australia awake right now?
*Why do people have tables?
*What would happen if we walked into a rainbow?
*What do you call a boy ladybird? 
*How do we remember things?

And on they go.....they really make me smile. I often catch my breath to try and stop myself from giggling at the situation. Here I am, trying to sneak away to my dinner and glass of wine.....and here is my little four year old, his belief in me so intent that he continues to question me on the wonders of the world......Long may it continue, I hope that my kiddos' will continue to ask questions and continue to question the world (but perhaps the questions will begin to flow in the day and not last thing at night!)